Symmetry and Surface Area
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Date : ___________________ Title of Work: ___________________
Demonstrate Line symmetry
Design has no line symmetry
Demonstrates 1 line of symmetry with very basic design
Design has 2 lines of symmetry
Design has 2 or more lines of symmetry and is complex and creative
Demonstrates an understanding of Rotational Symmetry
Design has no rotational symmetry present
Demonstrates only 180 degree rotation in design (only 2 turns)
Demonstrates 90 degree ratational symmentry (4 turns)
Demonstrates at least 4 turns and design is complex and creative
Understanding surface area
No clear understanding of the concept of surface area
Able to compute surface area of one object, some minor erros
Able to calculate surface area of composite objects
Able to calculate surface area of compositie objects and clearly present all calculations

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