Scatter Plot
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Coordinate Plane
Three errors or missing items
Two errors or missing items
One error or missing item
Title, labels on axis, intervals are accurate, points are plotted accurately
Line of Best fit
The line of best fit is not present, instead the points were connected.
The line is not centered, but it is straight.
The line of best fit is centered.
The line is centered and straight. An arrow is included
The slope is wrong. Both rise and run numbers are wrong.
The slope is wrong because intervals were not used properly. Either the rise or the run is wrong.
The slope is accurate, but includes decimals or is not reduced.
The slope is accurate and reduced. No decimals are included.
Unit Rate Slope
There is no unit rate.
The numerator is wrong, but the denominator is a one.
The unit rate is accurate but does not include labels.
The unit rate is accurate and labels are included.
Meaning of slope with words
The meaning of the slope in incorrect.
One part of the slope desciption is correct.
A word or label is missing in the description of the meaning of the slope.
The phrase accurately describes the slope.

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