Rounding to the Nearest Ten Poster
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Students will create a number line showing the multiples of ten. Number line should have the multiples of ten from 10-100 listed, be cut out glued together and glued to the construction paper.
Number line was cut out properly. It was missing some multiples of 10-100 and it was not arranged properly on the construction paper. 15 points
Number line had all multiples of ten listed from 10-100. It was not created properly (used only one piece,not glued properly etc.) 20points
Number line listed nine of the multiples of ten from 10-100. It was cut out and glued properly together then placed on the construction paper. 22 points
Number line listed all ten multiples of ten from 10-100. It was organized correctly on construction paper. 25 points
Students was able to go to the correct page in the newspaper and cut out the weather map. Student glued the map to the poster correctly.
Student's poster was missing the weather map from the newspaper. They did have temperatures listed that they rounded. 10 points
Students found the map and cut it out. It was not glued to the construction paper. 15 points
Students located and cut out the map but did not glue the map to the construction paper as the diagram showed. 20 points
Student located the map and glued it to the poster board correctly. 25 points
Student will record ten or five different temperatures from the map on a separate sheet of paper and round the temperature to the nearest ten.
Student showed rounded numbers but they didn't list the temperature they used from the weather map they cut out. 15 points
Student recorded ten or five temperatures but did not round correctly on his/her paper. 20 points
Students located ten temperatures and rounded correctly on the separate sheet of paper. They did not show their work as the directions asked them to. 22 points
Students listed five or ten different temperatures on the notebook paper to round. They showed the multiples of ten the number is between and they circled the number the temperature rounded to. 25 points
Student will return all school materials that were sent home to complete this project. (scissors, glue stick,crayon, plastic bag that contained the materials)
Empty plastic bag with no materials were returned. 10 points
Everything was returned except two of the materials that were sent home to complete project. 15 points
Student returned plastic bag and all but one of the materials that were sent home. 20 points
All materials were returned in package that was sent home. 25 points

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