Money Math
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Student will be able to correctly identifiy money in dollar and coin amounts.
Not evident. No concept of money value.
Understands the difference between coin and paper money.
Identifies money amounts. Sometimes matching the wrong amount with money value.
Complete understanding of money. Matches the correct amount with the corresponding coin/bill.
Student will be able to make correct change using money.
Not evident. No understanding of money value.
Cannot give correct change with the money given.
Gives change, but sometimes not the correct amount.
Always gives correct change.
Student will be able to correctly answer a word problem about money.
Not evident.
Can read word problem, but cannot determine money values being used.
Understands word problem. Gives answer, but not always the correct amount.
Gives correct money answer to all math word problems.
Student will be able to generate own money math equation.
Not evident.
Lacks correct math symbols and money amounts.
Has a written equation, but not in correct order.
Generates money math word problem with no errors.

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