M&M Spreadsheet
Name: ________________________ Teacher: ___________________
Date : ___________________ Title of Work: ___________________
Initial Estimates and Recording: Estimates; data entry on recording sheet; color use.
Complete lack of knowledge. Estimates were not likely. Could not grasp data entry of estimates and actuals. Wrong or no color use. Required full assistance.
Far fetched estimates. Data entry incorrect or missing on >2. Wrong or no color use. Required full guidance.
Estimates were likely. Data entry was correct. Only missing or wrong on <2. Color use was correct. Required minimal assistance.
Highly efficient. Estimates on par. Data entry exactly correct. No missing or wrong data. Color use was correct. Required no assistance.
Spreadsheet: Appropriate title; row-column title; no use of font color; correct data entry.
Missing title and/or row-column titles. No font color change. Incorrect data entry; missing data, etc.. Required full assistance.
One title and/or row-column title added. Font color does not correspond with M&M color. Data entry missing or wrong on >2. Required full guidance.
Overall follows directions for title and row-column title. Correct font color choices. Data entry correct, only missing or wrong on <2. Required only minimal assistance.
Exceeds expectations. Correct title and row-column title. Font color matches with M&M color. Data entry exactly right, with no mistakes or missing data. Required no assistance.
Data Transfer: Convert spreadsheet to bar graph with title. Transfer the bar graph to a word processing document.
Had no understanding. Could not convert the spreadsheet to a bar graph. Bar graph had no title. Could not copy and paste into wpd. Required full assistance.
Some understanding. Could convert the spreadsheet but could not copy and paste into wpd. Or vise-versa. Missing title. Required full guidance.
Able to convert spreadsheet to bar graph. Could also copy and paste into a wpd. Missing title. Required only minimal assistance.
Was able to convert the spreadsheet to a bar graph with an appropriate title. Could also copy and paste it into a wpd. Required no assistance.
Written Report: Steps taken to create their finished product.
Did not supply a written report--or no effort was made to write the report.
Report was missing key steps. Complete sentences and punctuation were not used.
Report included the major steps taken to complete the assignment. Was free of major punctuation and sentence structure problems.
Report was written with complete sentences and punctuation. Each step was accurately described in detail.
Overall Performance: Initial Estimates and Recording; Spreadsheet; Data Transfer; Written Report
No effort made. Non-likely estimates; wrong color usage; missing tiles; missing/wrong data; could not convert spreadsheet into bar graph; could not copy and paste into wpd; missing or poorly written report. Required full assistance.
Some effort made. Estimates not on par; missing or incorrect data entry; wrong or no color use; some missing titles; could not complete converting spreadsheet and copy/paste; report was missing steps; no use of complete sentences or punctuation. Required full guidance.
Very good understanding. Estimates were likely; data entry was correct or only wrong on <2; color usage was correct; able to use titles on most occasions; could convert spreadsheet and copy/paste into wpd; written report included major steps; free of any major sentence structure and punctuation problems. Required only minimal assistance.
Complete understanding. Estimates likely; data entry exactly correct; color usage correct; used appropriate titles in all instances; able to convert spreadsheet into bar graph and copy/paste into wpd; report was written in great detail, listing each step; correct use of sentence structure and punctuation. Required no assistance.

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