Addition Rubric for 1st Grade
Name: ________________________ Teacher: ___________________
Date: ___________________ Title of Work: ___________________
Recognizes and writes numbers up to 20 with or without visual/verbal cues
Shows no recognition of written numbers
Recognizes numbers up to 10
Recognizes and writes numbers up to 10 or 15
Recognizes and writes numbers up to 20 with only verbal cues
Understands the values of numbers 1-20
Knows the value of 1-5
Knows the value of 1-10 and uses drawings to represent it
Knows the values of 1-20 but cannot represent it using physical counters
Understands the values of 1-20 and can represent them using counters or drawing
Executes and understands the concept of addition in given equations
No Answer/No attempt
Understands the concept of adding, but answer is incorrect and appears to be a guess
More than half of the answers are correct
All answers are correct
Understands and represents equivalent forms of similar addition equations
Does not recognize equivalent forms or swapped forms of equations
Understands and writes swapped forms (only) of similar equations
Identifies equivalent forms of equations but cannot create their own
Identifies and creates similar addition equations consistently

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