12 Basic Functions
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Date: ___________________ Title of Work: ___________________
Student creates an accurate graph of the function
General shape is represented but little accuracy can be observed
Shape is correct, 1 or 2 points is accurately shown with an appropriate scale on each axis
Appropriate scale, many points correct however intercepts or end behavior is not entirely accurate
Entire graph is accurate for graphed points with an appropriate scale showing all important features of the graph
Student displays the domain and range of the graph
Student mentions domain or range in their poster, though it is not stated for the function
Both domain and range are mentioned but only the domain or range is correctly stated
Domain and range are correctly identified but are not written in interval notation
Domain and range are correctly identified and written in interval notation
Student shows/states properties of functions ( X2 points)
Little evidence of understanding of the properties is shown
Some of the properties for the function are shown or explained but many are absent from the poster
Most properties are shown with accuracy but 1 or 2 are missing or incorrect
All properties are correctly shown easy to identify on the poster
Student design
Layout is sloppy and several marks to correct previously incorrect work are evident
Layout shows some design planning was used however features are hard to read or find in the poster
Layout is appropriate for the function utilizing areas of the graph not used for the function for properties
All information is easy to read from a distance, shows all given information without covering important features or cramming information together
Student turns in project by due date
0 points - project not turned in on time
2 points - project is turned in on time

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