1. Topic Of Lesson Plan-
Writing and Graphing Functions
2. Lesson Content-
16.0- Students understand the concepts of a relation and a function, determine whether a given relation defines a functions, and a given pertinent information about given relations and functions
17.0 Students determine the domain of independent variables and the range of dependent variables defined by a graph, a set of ordered pairs, or a symbolic expression

Vocabulary Terms
Dependent Variable
Independent Variable
Function Notation
3. Goals And Expectations-
1.Write an equation in function notation and evaluate a function for given input values

2.Graph functions and determine whether an equation represents a function

4. Objectives-

1. Find relationship between x and y values

2. graph equations

3. Determine whether an equation is a function
5. Materials and Aids-
Doc cam, paper, colored paper, graph paper, colored pencils, rulers, graphing calculators(maybe??)
6. Methods Used and Procedures-

A. Introduction-

1.Determine relationships between x and y values
2.Graphing Functions

B. Development-

1.Independent/Dependent Variables:
Independent- when I don't eat --> Dependent I get cranky
Independent--> if I don't work --> Dependent then I don't get paid

REMINDER* F(X) does not mean f times x, notation is interchangeable with y

2. Function- any vertical line will intersect the graph of a function no more than once.

3. Explain different functions result in a certain type of graph

C. Practice-

1.Students and Teacher will practice graphing functions on a small sheet of graphing paper

2. Students will work with partners graphing functions

D. Independent Practice-

1.Working with partners students will pick negative and positive values and graph functions depicting an array of different graphs

E. Accommodations For Students-


F. Checking for understanding-

1.Checking Graphs

G. Closure-

1. Functions are determined by the relationship between the x and y values
2. Functions depict different graphs
7. Evaluation-
1. A quiz will be given.

Lesson Plans from (www.AGradeMath.com)