1. Topic Of Lesson Plan-
Identifying relative Value of Pattern Blocks, and Covering Designs with Pattern Blocks
2. Lesson Content-
M 3.5.1-Geometry, M3.5.3-Geometry, M3.7.1-Problem Solving, M 3.7.2-Problem Solving, M3.7.3- Problem solving- estimation
3. Goals And Expectations-
1. Students will understand behavior expected when working with pattern blocks
2. Students will practice manipulating shapes to fit specific boundaries.
3.Students will use higher order thinking skills such as analyzing, applying, and evaluating during this exercise.

4. Objectives-

1. Students will review shapes
2. Students will use problem solving techniques such as process of elimination
3. Students will estimate.
5. Materials and Aids-
Saxon Math handouts
Pattern Blocks
6. Methods Used and Procedures-

A. Introduction-

Explain that today we will be working in pairs with pattern blocks.

B. Development-

(This is role modeled on overhead)
1. Review shapes
2. Review largest to smallest
3. Students will then begin to practice covering one block with several others.

C. Practice-

1. Review value
2.Assign value to different blocks-green triangles 1$,
"What is the value of the blue parallelogram pattern block?" (2$)
3. Continue on through the remainder of the blocks.
3. What is the value of...?
How do you know this?

D. Independent Practice-

1. Hand out 10-2
2."What do you think you are to do on this sheet?"
(ask students to estimate which pattern block will have the greatest and least value?)
3.Remember to trace each block.
4. Find the value of each design. You will use 5 blocks for each design.
(we will do the first one together)
5. Student will do the following four with their partner.

E. Accommodations For Students-

Student will sit with the two students that will need help reading the board and handout.

F. Checking for understanding-

1.Asking questions through out lesson.
2.Moving around room to observe student work
3.Assignment when completed.

G. Closure-

1.Checking our estimations
2.Coloring Pattern blocks to match manips.
7. Evaluation-
1.Going over values of each design
2.Talking about our estimations.
3. Math Center Activity

Lesson Plans from (www.AGradeMath.com)