1. Topic Of Lesson Plan-
Operation Sense - GCO
Apply the Order of Operations in rational-number computations
2. Lesson Content-
Review of BEDMAS (order of operations - ie. Brackets, Exponents, Division/ Multiplication, then Addition/Subtraction) involving integers.
3. Goals And Expectations-
1. Review rules for Order of Operations.
2. Model, solve, and create problems involving real numbers. (sco B1)

4. Objectives-

Students will be able to apply order of operations without any notes or resources.
5. Materials and Aids-
SMART board software to demonstrate.
White board to demonstrate.
Notes provided on handout.
6. Methods Used and Procedures-

A. Introduction-

Review BEDMAS using examples. Ex. -2 x (-1) + 7 = ? According to BEDMAS rules you multiply before adding so: -2 x (-1) = 2; 2 + 7 = 9 Answer is 9. Try examples using decimals and fractions.
Check for SMART Board software so that students may try this interactively as a demo.

B. Development-

Model BEDMAS using the SMART Board software or use of the white board. This is review of grade 7 and 8 work.

C. Practice-

Practice worksheet on Order of Operations of integers for classwork.


D. Independent Practice-

Homework sheet on operations

E. Accommodations For Students-

Based on IPA, two students can use handouts.

F. Checking for understanding-

Start with puzzle worksheets that were left for you to give to the students. Answers are provided to you.

Collect when finished.

G. Closure-

Answer this question on a piece of paper and submit it to me: What does the acronym BEDMAS stand for?
7. Evaluation-
Checklist: keep a record of students who through their classwork and participation appear to meet, exceed, or have not met this outcome.

Lesson Plans from (www.AGradeMath.com)