1. Topic Of Lesson Plan-
2. Lesson Content-
Linear Equations and Functions - Area and Perimeter
3. Goals And Expectations-
1.Write Expressions and Equations
2.Solve Two-Step Equations
3.Perimeter and Area
4. Graph two-step equations showing relationships

4. Objectives-

1.The student will demonstrate the ability to compare the cost of two companies for a decorating job.

2.The student plan a new design for their new bedroom.

3. The student will demonstrate the ability to use the knowledge learned throughout chapter three to produce a newly decorated room at a reasonable cost.

4. The student will estimate the cost of all items to arrive at the lowest cost for the materials chosen.

5. The student will describe, identify, label, and outline the information chosen to complete the project.

6. The student will explain, write, and illustrate through personal presentation the plan they chose.
5. Materials and Aids-
graph paper
Poster paper
6. Methods Used and Procedures-

A. Introduction-

1.Students will be given a packet that describes the project. Each student must redecorate their room with the list of materials given in the packet. This project will not be done until chapter three is taught. After the knowledge of chapter three is presented the student will be able to complete the task.

B. Development-

1.I will model each level of the project as we progress through the chapter.

2. I will assist the students in how to write a check. I will give each student dummy checks to fill out.

C. Practice-

Monitor each student as they move through the chapter.

D. Independent Practice-

1.Independent practice will be given through homework related to the skills necessary to complete the project.

E. Accommodations For Students-

1.English language learner will be assisted with the help of the ELL teacher. I will give her a packet so she is informed as to what is expected of the students. She will give input as to what each student is able to accomplish. I have a student with selective mutism that will have guided help.

F. Checking for understanding-

2.Information handed in

G. Closure-

1.Students will present their room redecorating presentation/ findings to the class upon completion of chapter
7. Evaluation-
1. Rubric will be used to assess project.
2. Peer assessment also

Lesson Plans from (www.AGradeMath.com)